Barcode Label Management

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One of our customers came to us with a challenge, they have 1000s of products each requiring a specific UPC sticker.  Their current setup included the label design stored on the hard drive of their machine and each number would be hand keyed as required into their chosen bar-coding software.  Additionally they also required bar-codes for their shipping, stock management and other aspects of their business.

Our challenges included ease of use for the user, audit logging for the management team and the ability for the user to add and remove labels easily.

We setup a custom application that allow the user to retain each number and all aspects of the bar-code including the format, shape, size and then generated the label as required.  We stored each profile within a database and provide reporting functionality to the management team which was then used to reduce the number of labels going forward.   We connected the system directly to the accounting package and were able to determine the required number and type of bar-code required each day and printed them out each night prior to the shift.  This resulted in a reduction of head count for the company.

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