E-Commerce vs Data Entry

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An interesting opportunity was presented recently because a customer, using QuickBooks, was selling more via E-Commerce than expected, the person processing the sales was entering the sales into QuickBooks including the tracking information, billing and shipping addresses and all other pertinent data.  The orders were becoming backlogged as the data enter just wasn’t able to keep up.  Instead of hiring on another data entry person we suggested that we could build an app that would pull the data from the online E-Commerce system and populate all the information within QuickBooks and to make the process automated so there was little or no human interaction.  Our customer was ecstatic about the solution but was not interested in it being completely automated, instead we were asked to build a GUI (Graphic User Interface) to allow the user to process the records by selecting them and clicking a button within the software.

We provided them with their new solution and they were able to process many times what they were doing prior to having the software in place and the users is able to focus on more than just the online orders.


Mixing Offline and Online systems, no problem!


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