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A Long time client approached asking us to provide them with a more efficient EDI solution.  They were currently processing EDI via a web portal and hand keying all information into multiple systems. It was time consuming and fraught with user errors which were causing extended inconvenience to their EDI Partners / Customers. 

               The customer was using a customized version of an older proprietary accounting package that did not allow for direct access to the underlying data and due to budgetary constraints, upgrading was out of the question. 

We designed and built a custom solution for them, each night our application would run without user intervention and pull the data from the outdated accounting package by emulating user keystrokes within the software and export the required data to an excel file.   Once the data was out the application would then begin the EDI process, downloading the required documents and providing acknowledgements and then process each request in the same fashion, but emulating user keystrokes it would enter each record, sale and product back into the accounting package.   

This solution provided several positive results:

·        The EDI Partners / Customers were no longer inconvenienced by constant errors.

·        Shipping and receiving were able to process orders more efficiently.

·        The data was available directly within the accounting package for reporting.

·        Reporting was more effective as it covered more than just financials for each transaction

·        There was a reduced labour cost due to no longer needing an on staff EDI specialist.

We were presented with a challenge requiring out of the box thinking and a separation from the typical “Replace the offending software with something newer” and provided an integrated solution where one had not been developed before within a very tight budget.

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