Last Minute Networking

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When one of our customers came to us to let us know they would be merging two locations into a single new building, we were happy to be part of the process.  They had decided rather quickly and had neglected to think of the infrastructure they needed in place prior to moving in.  They required all the networking installed by Monday, it was Thursday.  We were required to provide 60 drops, patch panels, cables, server racks, IP phone systems, wall connectors, etc in little or no time.  We contacted our suppliers, went to retail locations, connected with new suppliers and virtually wiped out our own inventory but by Friday end of day we had all the hardware to do the installation.  Our team of 5 went onsite Friday afternoon for our initial kick off and then split into shifts to work around the clock to get the installation complete.  By Monday morning everything was installed, tested and ready for the users to move in.


Impossible timelines were achieved due to teamwork, a sense of urgency and a series of relationships with tremendously helpful vendors.

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